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2. How can I pay my parking ticket?
3. How can I dispute my Parking Ticket?
4. I tried to pay my ticket using the automated system but the ticket does not exist in the system. What do I do?
5. How do I get a boot taken off my vehicle?
6. If my vehicle has been booted and/or towed, can I still pay online?
7. I received a parking ticket for a vehicle I no longer own. What do I do?
8. What is the purpose of the Residential Permit Parking program?
9. How does the Residential Permit Parking program work?
10. Who is eligible for a parking permit?
11. Is there provision for my guests who come by car?
12. What is a Smart Card?
13. How do Smart Cards work?
14. What should I do if I lose my Smart Card?
15. What should I do if my Smart Card is damaged?
16. I recently moved to Greenwich, how do I obtain a parking permit at the railroad station?
17. I don't have a railroad station parking permit, can I still park my car at the station?
18. I am going on a trip and I have to leave my car at the parking lot for several days, what do I do?