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2. What is the "Town Right of Way"?
3. How do I get my garbage collected?
4. How do I report a fallen tree on a street or public property?
5. My neighbor is building something on his property (or digging a hole), etc. How do I find out what is he doing?
6. My neighbor is parking/storing his boat, motor home, trailer etc, in his yard. Is that legal?
7. My neighbor is excavating an area I feel is wetlands. What can be done?
8. How do I find a plot plan?
9. How do contractors inquire about payment of bills?
10. How/Where do I get rid of my paint?
11. I think my mailbox was hit by a Town plow. What do I do?
12. I have an issue regarding parking.
13. Can I get a speed hump on my street?
14. I have an issue on my private road
15. I have a question about my septic system