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1. Contact us
2. What are the office hours?
3. How do I check online to see if Real Estate, Motor Vehicle or Personal Property tax has been paid?
4. What is a Mill Rate?
5. How is the Mill Rate determined?
6. When is tax payment due?
7. What if I have not received a tax bill?
8. Can I pay tax online?
9. How does motor vehicle tax work?
10. What is the supplemental motor vehicle tax?
11. How do I change my motor vehicle billing address?
12. How do I cancel my motor vehicle registration?
13. What if I no longer own a motor vehicle that I received a tax bill for?
14. What if I need a DMV release?
15. What town do I pay motor vehicle tax to if I move within Connecticut?
16. What if I am delinquent on motor vehicle tax?
17. May multiple tax bills be paid with one check?
18. Does the Town of Greenwich offer property tax relief for senior residents?
19. Does the Town of Greenwich offer a tax exemption for veterans?
20. Terms and Definitions