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Poll Worker Application.

  1. Please fill this out to apply to be a poll worker. Clicking "Submit" at the bottom sends your information to the Registrars of Voters. Los Registradores electorales desean contratar trabajadores de encuestas que sean bilingües. Si usted habla Inglés y otro idioma, anote esto en su aplicación para ser considerado como trabajador electoral.

  2. Do you work for the Town of Greenwich?*
  3. If you speak AND read in a language other than English, please indicate language(s) above.
  4. Have you ever worked at the polls in CT before?
  5. The Town of Greenwich does not normally hire poll workers for half shifts. However, if you want to be hired as a poll worker but can only work a half shift and you can supply a partner to work the other half shift, click to review half shift requirements. You and your partner must both complete a poll worker application and must both note in the Split Shift partner box that you want to split shifts with each other. 

  6. Split Shift Request/Certification

    I am interested in working a split shift.  I confirm I have read and understand my obligations as outlined at and I have supplied the name of my partner below. I understand I must supply partner, and we both need to be approved by the hiring Registrar.

  7. Confirmation of Commitment
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