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Greenwich Police Department Online Records Request Form

  1. Please list the case number for the record you are requesting. The case number starts with a two-digit year followed by a set of numbers. Ex. 20-12345. You may list more than one. Please separate them with a comma. If you do not have a CFS number use this area to explain in as much detail as possible (i.e. Dates & Location) what information you are looking for

  2. When the records are ready and payment received how would you like to receive your requested information?*

    Please only select one option.

    * = prior authorization of Town Law Department is required
  4. □ Records Section staff who received the request: Initials_____
  5. □ date request was received: ______________
  6. □ date of status letter to requestor: _________________
  7. □ date copies were mailed or requestor was called for pickup: ______________
  8. □ total Fee for the request (.50 cents per page) __________
  9. □ total fee per CD/DVD $19.50 ___________

  10. □ total fee per flash drive $26.00  _______

  11. □ date fee was paid______________
  12. □ requestor notified by letter/email dated _________________ that any record will not be provided because:
  13. □ the record does not exist or could not be located after a thorough search
  14. □ electronic data could not be provided in the requested format*
  15. □ exempt from disclosure because:* ___________________________________________________
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