How is this being addressed?

This program is ongoing, with the remainder of Greenwich under investigation in our second investigation phase. The letters going out to residents include those for:

  • Confirmed illegal connection: where the physical connection of an illegal sources to the sanitary collection system was documented during an inspection. This letter mandates disconnection.
  • Flexible connection: where the sump pump discharge is flexibly connected to its discharge point, even if the current discharge point is acceptable. This letter mandates installation of hard piping, to prevent future connection to an inappropriate location.
  • Suspected connection: where preliminary investigation in the area strongly indicates an illegal connection. This letter mandates an inspection to perform testing which will either negate or confirm the connection.
  • Request for inspection: where initial attempts to schedule an inspection were not successful, for whatever reason. This letter mandates that the property owner schedule an inspection.

Learn more on the How to Comply page.

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1. How is this being addressed?
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