Am I required to file an ethics disclosure statement?

If you are an elected or appointed Town official, a Town employee or a consultant to or agent of the Town, you are required by the Greenwich Code of Ethics to file reports disclosing certain interests in pending or active Town transactions. Such reports are required for any substantial personal financial interest in a Town transaction. For this purpose, elected officials include the 1st Selectman, the Town Clerk, the Tax Collector, the Probate Judge, any Registrar of Voters, Constable or Justice of the Peace and any member of the Board of Selectmen, the Representative Town Meeting, the Board of Education or the Board of Assessment Appeals. You are considered an appointed Town official, if you have been appointed or confirmed to a position by an elected official or a body of elected officials, such as the RTM. You are considered a Town employee if you receive payment or other compensation from the Town for full or part time services or any entity owned or controlled by the Town, such as Nathaniel Witherell, the Greenwich Library System or the Bruce Museum. An agent of, or consultant to, any entity owned or controlled by the Town is considered an agent of, or consultant to, the Town.

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