I volunteer on a Town board, commission or committee. How do I get a Town email account?

Members of the Representative Town Meeting, Town Boards, and Town Commissions are eligible for town email addresses. To obtain an email account after the term has begun, contact the Town of Greenwich Information Technology Help Desk via phone, (203) 622-6448, Option 4 or email, helpdesk@greenwichct.org. Please keep in mind that the Help Desk is staffed during Town business hours from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. The IT Help Desk will work with members to create passwords and make sure they can log in via a web browser. If the preference is to access email using a mobile device, they must contact the Help Desk to schedule a time to come in and get instruction and assistance on mobile access installation on a smartphone or tablet. The Town IT Department has created Microsoft Office 365 training videos and a support web page that is available via a link on the Town IT Department web page, here. New users can review the basic 365 training videos and reference them if they may have any questions. For more information on setting up a mobile device and further support on the applications, they can reference links at the bottom of the page under “Training Resources." New email users should be sure to review the email policies and procedures also found on the Town IT Department website, here, before using their town-issued account. For any questions about this policy, please call (203) 622-6448, Option 4.

Creating Town Email Account for Elected & Appointed Official)s (PDF)

Email Policies and Procedures 

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1. I volunteer on a Town board, commission or committee. How do I get a Town email account?
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