How can I sell my goods and services to the IT Department?

The Town of Greenwich IT Department does not reply to unsolicited emails from companies or individuals trying to sell goods or services to the Town’s IT Department. Those looking to create business opportunities with the Town’s IT Department should know that the Department only does business through contracts executed by the Town, the State, GSA, or verified purchasing cooperatives. Those possessing such a contract can make the Town aware of it by filling out and submitting a Cooperative Purchase Awareness form. The Town’s Purchasing Department will note this information, evaluate the service if the need arises, and make contact on an as-need basis only.

New contracts with the Town’s IT Department are created through a competitive bidding process where the Town will post Request for Proposals on the Town Website. Those responding to IT Department requests should not contact the IT Department directly. Rather, they should follow the instructions provided in the request so that all questions and proposals are tracked through the Purchasing Department.

The Town’s IT Department will also not answer unsolicited questions about its cybersecurity technology or procedures.

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