How is a tank properly abandoned?

A tank is considered properly abandoned when all of the following steps have been completed:

  1. All product is removed from the tank and the tank is cleaned of sludge.
  2. All fill, vent, supply and returned lines are disconnected and capped off.
  3. The tank is filled with an inert material. Accepted mediums are Foam and Concrete Slurry. Sand is an accepted medium however the top of the tank must be removed in order to completely fill the tank void.
  4. The soil surrounding the tank including down to the bottom of tank must be sampled and analyzed by a reputable laboratory to confirm that the tank had never leaked.
  5. A drawing showing the location of the tank grave and some dimensions from a suitable landmark shall be made of the site.

All of the information shall be detailed on a report from the removal company and submitted on a company letterhead for filing. Date, address, name of property owner and size of the tank and any other pertinent information shall be included in the report. Attached to the report shall be the Lab analysis of the soil sample and the drawing of the site.

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