What if I have other questions about the Code of Ethics?

The Board of Ethics has provided more detailed answers to a number of the most frequently asked questions about the Greenwich Code of Ethics. For these detailed answers  please click on the subject matter that you are interested in below. If your question is not covered, you may request additional assistance from the Board by contacting a member of the Board Ethics. Click here to obtain contact information for the Board of Ethics. If you are a Town Officer, you may also request a formal opinion from the Board of Ethics as described in these FAQ's.

These FAQ's have been provided to assist Town officials and members of the public gain a general understanding of the requirements of the Code of Ethics. The application of the Code to any specific set of circumstances will depend on specific facts. While the information they contain has been drawn from the Code and the official advisory opinions and decisions of the Board, these FAQ's are not intended to serve as, nor should they be relied on, as a substitute for advisory opinions from the Board. 

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1. How do I get a copy of the Town ethics code?
2. Who does the Greenwich Code of Ethics apply to?
3. Am I required to file an ethics disclosure statement?
4. How can get more information about disclosure filings?
5. What is considered a Town "transaction" for purposes of the Code of Ethics?
6. What financial interests have to be reported and how?
7. What if I have other questions about the Code of Ethics?