Who does the Greenwich Code of Ethics apply to?

The Greenwich Code of Ethics applies broadly. Under the definition of Town Officer, the Code applies to all 1) elected officials of the Town, 2) all appointed officials of the Town including members of the various Boards, Commissions, Committees and other agencies of the Town, 3) all Town employees, including employees of the Board of Education and Town owned or organized entities such as Nathaniel Witherell, Greenwich Library and the Bruce Museum, 4) any consultant to the Town or agent of the Town. The Code of Ethics also applies to Town contractors, whose contracts are generally subject to the requirement that they have not induced any of the above Town Officers to violate the Code.  If you have a question about whether you are a Town Officer or how it applies to you, you may request an Advisory Opinion from the Board of Ethics.

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2. Who does the Greenwich Code of Ethics apply to?
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