Why join an Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)?

When a significant event impacts us, whether it is a hurricane, earthquake, pandemic or terrorist event, many people want to help out. While well intentioned, spontaneous volunteers are usually not pre-credentialed, pre-trained or connected to a larger system to sustain themselves. This poses a safety problem for the other responders to an emergency situation. 

One goal of the MRC is to ensure that members are identified, screened, trained, and prepared prior to their participation in any activity.

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1. Who can volunteer?
2. Why join an Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)?
3. Am I obligated for volunteering for the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) if I work or have family commitments that do not allow me to volunteer at the time of an emergency?
4. Do I have liability protection?
5. How do I join my local Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) unit?
6. How will I be contacted in an emergency?
7. Who will have access to my personal information?