When can I retire?

Eligibility for a full service retirement occurs at the earlier of age 65 or the “Rule of 80.” The Rule of 80 means that the combination of your age and years of service equals 80 (example: 25 years of service plus 55 years of age = 80). Full service retirement may be taken by employees in Fire upon completing 20 years of creditable service and Police upon completing either 20 or 25 years of creditable service depending upon date of hire, regardless of age.

Eligibility for early service retirement occurs at age 60, provided that the member is not eligible for a full service retirement. Management and Confidential employees may take early retirement at age 55 after completing 5 years of service. If you elect this option, your monthly retirement allowance will be reduced to reflect the additional years that you are expected to receive payments.

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1. What is a “retirement allowance” and how is it calculated?
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3. When can I retire?
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24. I have a date set for when I want to retire. How do I initiate the retirement process?