When do I need a permit from the IWWA for my residential property?

Work in a wetland or watercourse, or within 100 feet of those, requires a permit from the IWWA. If the project is in a public drinking water supply watershed, the 150 feet adjacent to the wetland or watercourse is regulated. This buffer area is properly identified as an “Upland Review Area.” Wetlands, watercourses, and Upland Review Areas can collectively be referred to as regulated areas. In general, the types of activities in regulated areas on a residential property requiring a permit include: 

  • The construction or placement of any structures, including sheds, generators, and propane tanks, demolition of structures
  • Clearing of vegetation (whether it is overgrown or not)
  • Alteration of grades
  • Installation of curtain drains and the like
  • Maintenance of ponds and streams
  • Installation or repairs of septic systems
  • Expansion of lawns, driveways, and hardscape areas
  • Installation of fencing

Landscaping activities are most likely to be conducted in violation of the regulations, resulting in an enforcement action by the Town. For this reason, homeowners are strongly encouraged to check in with the agency staff to be sure your anticipated work does not require a permit. People are encouraged to visit the office of the agency where extensive records are available for any property with a past application. 

Documentation for 1973 to 2010 applications submitted can be accessed through the agency’s public portal. Newer applications are available in the agency’s office. Technical staff are also available to meet with you in the office or come to your site and discuss the land and your project ideas.

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