What if I am in violation of the regulations?

Unfortunately, violations of the regulations occur and enforcement action follows. The first step is the technical staff issues a stop work order for the property and then issues a cease and correct order. The order is issued to the property owner and the contractor. Recipients will be given the opportunity to speak directly with the agency members to present information as to why the order was issued in error. The agency considers the evidence and determines if the order will be upheld, modified, or withdrawn.

When the order is upheld or modified, the violators will be directed to submit an application for corrective action. This is processed the same way an application is, however the agency doesn’t issue a permit, it issues an order to correct with mandatory dates for implementation.


Application fees for corrective actions are triple the normal base fee. Additionally, the agency has the authority to impose fines of up to $1,000 per violation per day. As a last resort, the agency may seek an injunction from the courts to force a violator to correct a violation. Thankfully, this step is rarely warranted. Fees, fines, and court action associated with violations are expensive and the agency’s staff will gladly make themselves available to help you avoid them. Questions and guidance are free; please don’t be shy!

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