What regulations govern the installation of fences and walls?

Fences and walls are governed by Section 6-140.2 (PDF) of the Building Zone Regulations.

  • Zoning approval shall be required for all walls, fences or combinations thereof that are solid or substantially obstruct light, air or ventilation and are over six feet six inches in height. Height shall be determined by a measurement taken from the side having the lower existing grade. Existing grade shall mean the elevation of the ground adjacent to the proposed fence, or wall, or combination thereof prior to any regarding, fill, excavation or berming and concurrent with or subsequent to the erection of the fence or wall.
  • Fences or walls or a combination thereof when located in the required yard may not have additional materials attached which would together exceed six feet six inches in height.
  • A fence post may exceed the maximum permitted fence height by up to six inches.
  • Building permits shall be required for any type of fencing constructed as an appurtenance to a sports court larger than 1,000 square feet or any other recreational facility.

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