Shellfish Bed Status

When shellfish areas are opened, closed, or reopened, announcements will be made through the local news and the Shellfish Hotline, 203-622-7777 and this webpage. Recreational areas A and B are closed following rainfall greater than 1.5 " in 24-hours for a period of 8 days.  Two signs at Greenwich Point, one located north of the entrance booth and the other west of the OG Boat Club, show the open/closed status for areas A, B, C, and F.

**Shellfishing limited due to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 access to Greenwich Point is restricted.  Based on this Recreational Shellfishing will only be allowed for those people with valid shellfish permits Monday through Friday in Shellfish Areas A and B.  Click on this link to see the current hours and what you need to do to access Greenwich Point.

Shellfish Bed Status

As of May 24, 2022
Status Reason for Closure Expected Re-Opening
Area A    Closed End of Season November 2022
Area B
Closed End of Season November 2022
Area C

Area D
Area E  
Area F  

Area G   
To be determined
Area H   
Closed > 1.0" rainfall To be determined