Procedure for Public Participation

The public is invited to speak on items scheduled for Public Hearings, after receiving recognition by the Chairman. When addressing the Board, please speak at the lectern located in the front of the room. State your name and address, and purpose for appearing. Generally speaking, the sequence of presentation after introduction of the item by the board and staff will be:

  1. Presentation by the applicant/appellant or his/her agent/representative
  2. Questions by the Board to the applicant
  3. Comments by interested neighbors/citizens
  4. Additional comments by the applicant/appellant or his/her representative, Board and staff, neighbors and citizens

Any item that can be presented within 10 minutes or less, or that may generate a large amount of citizen interest, may be taken out of its position on the agenda at the discretion of the board.

Recess / Decision Session

Following the Public Hearing there will be a short recess. The Board will reconvene to discuss and vote upon the applications presented that evening. The applicant/appellant or his/her representative and neighbors and citizens may observe the decision session, but not comment or participate.

In most instances decisions will be rendered by the Board the same evening. These decisions become effective on the rendition date, 12 days following the Public Hearing. For a period of 15 days following the rendition date, the Board's decision may be appealed to the Superior Court. No building permit associated with the appeal may be filed until this court appeal period has lapsed (i.e. a total of 27 calendar days after the date of the closure of the public hearing on the particular appeal).