The Laboratory is licensed by the Connecticut Department of Public Health to perform a wide range of environmental and clinical services necessary for the promotion and advancement of community health including:

  • Testing for lead in water, ceramic and paint
  • Blood lead testing
  • Well water testing for bacteria and chemicals
  • Identification and testing of ticks associated with Lyme Disease
  • Transport of animal carcasses to State Laboratory for rabies virus testing
  • Testing associated with well baby clinics and community health programs
  • Cholesterol testing
  • Radon Testing

Note:  While Town Hall is closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak if you would like to submit a tick for testing, print this form, complete it and mail the bagged tick with the required fee to the Laboratory at Town Hall.

Public health laboratory services have been available in Greenwich for over a hundred years. View the blog "Laboratory Stories," which contains a wealth of information on the people and practices that have made the Greenwich Department of  Health Laboratory what it is today.