Poll Worker Training Materials

Poll workers are provided with Training Materials appropriate to their positions. In addition, the Secretary of the State produces a poll worker manual, Moderator's manual, absentee ballot manual, and others.

Greenwich Poll Worker Materials

For Greeters - Lists of Streets for Split Districts

District 1 and 1A

District 4 and 4A

District 5 and 5A

District 6 and 6A

District 7 and 7A

District 10 and 10A

District 11 and 11A

All other districts (2, 3, 8, 9, 12) are not split.

Recordings of Recent Trainings

Recordings are on YouTube.  Click on the titles to watch

Absentee Ballot Training from October 26

The Big Training Session from October 24

Electronic Checker Training from October 22

Official Checker Training from October 20

Recordings from August are below:

Official Checker (Super Checker) Training from July 29

Absentee Ballot Counter Training from July 30

Moderator, Assistant Registrar, and Tabulator Tender/COVID Safety Monitor Training from August 1

Instructional Videos

View instructional videos on setting up the Accessible Voting System as well as setting up the tabulator on election day. 

Setting Up & Using the Handicapped Accessible Voting System

Setting Up & Using the Tabulator