Run a Voter Registration Drive

The Registrar's of Voters are glad to supply you with the materials necessary for a voter registration drive. We can supply you with voter registration applications on cardstock which makes it easy for the voter to complete. We also have Spanish-language applications available. In a pinch, you can print a voter registration application.

We do not recommend using paper forms as they are easily damaged in transport, and are harder for us to file. Please come in to our office and we will happily provide you with all the cards you will need.

Filling Out the Form

Please ask voters to fill out all boxes 1 through 12 on the application form. If you run a voter registration drive and collect applications, the Registrars request that you return the completed applications on the next business day.

Also, please remember that this is an official document and only the citizen applicant should be marking it. If there is missing data, please do not fill it in. The voter is swearing to the veracity of the information on the document and can suffer criminal and financial penalty for false statements.

Helping People to Register to Vote Online

If you have a tablet or a computer with internet access, you can help people to register to vote online. To fully complete the registration process, a voter must have a valid CT Driver's license or state identification (ID) card. With a valid CT Driver's license or state ID card, the whole process is online. No printing or mailing of info is necessary.

We do not recommend using the online system to register people without a valid license. They will be directed to print out a copy of their applications and send it in by U.S. Mail. Unless there is a printer available at the voter registration drive, there will be no way to print this application and the voter's effort will be wasted.