Accessible Voting

Any voter with an illness or disability which makes it difficult to vote in person may request an absentee ballot from the Town Clerk. The application is filled out in advance, and the Town Clerk will mail you the ballot for you to fill out and return by U.S. Mail.

Handicapped-Accessible Equipment

In addition, the state of CT provides a mechanism which can help voters with certain disabilities vote at their local polling place. This handicapped-accessible equipment includes an amplified headset to read each candidate and office to the visually impaired. The touch-screen makes it easier for those who have trouble with motor-skills.

The accessible voting device is set-up in every polling place for all primaries and elections. You do not need to contact anyone in advance. Be advised that depending upon the nature of the ballot at the specific election, the process of listening to the candidates, recording your choices, and verifying the selections can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes for a municipal ballot.

Accessible Voting Device Video

If you would like to see this accessible voting device in action, please watch this video which is used to instruct poll workers on the proper setup and use of the system by a voter.  Note there is a second video which includes additional features implemented in 2022.

General Information About Polling Place Accessibility