Dental Health

Applies principles and practices of preventive dentistry to community programs in support of child, adult and community health. The program strives to prevent oral disease in persons of all ages and identifies those who do not appear to have sufficient access to adequate quality oral health care. A comprehensive oral health care program provides services to children, adolescents, adults and the elderly through

  • School Dental Health Program
  • Head Start programs
  • Maternal and Child Health Clinic
  • Adult Health Programs
  • Other community programs

Comprehensive Oral Health Program

A comprehensive Oral Health Program that:

  • Provides primary and secondary preventive oral health screenings for dental disease and other oral health problems
  • Provides a referral mechanism for treating disease
  • Provides effective preventive procedures that intervene or prevent progression of disease
  • Provides health education programs that are not isolated events, but are educational aspects of any preventive/wellness/promotional health activity


Services are provided to children, adolescents and adults through:

  • School Dental Health Program (11 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and pre-school programs)
  • Head Start Program at Wilbur Peck and Armstrong Court
  • Maternal and Child Dental Health Clinics
  • Adult Health Programs
  • "Caring in the Community Programs" (Senior Health Forums, Health Fairs, Selected Special Events)
  • Pathways