Plan Review Process for Facilities licensed by the Health Department

These facilities require that a "Plan Review" be completed by the prospective applicant and be processed by the Health Department. Plan review information can be obtained on the Health Department website, or plan review packets can be obtained in the Division of Environmental Services; office hours are 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Each applicant must complete the plan review packet and meet all of the requirements listed in the packet prior to submittal to the Health Department (excluding actual construction). There are fees for Plan Reviews and for the Licenses to Operate (for specific fees visit the Environmental Services Fees page) which must be submitted along with the plan review application. Upon submittal of the plan review the application is assigned to an Environmental Hygienist in the Department of Health. Once the establishment has been assigned to a hygienist, a "walk-through" of the facility will be scheduled and conducted in order to determine specific changes or additions that are needed in order to operate the facility properly and to code; this information can then be put on the building plans.

Prior to submitting to the Building Dept. approval of the plans needs to be obtained by the Health Dept.

Go to the specific licensing page to get the necessary paperwork.

Massage Establishments

Massage establishments require a police background check of the owners and all massage therapists prior to the establishment's approval to operate. All massage therapists must be currently licensed by the State of Connecticut.  The licensing period for these facilities is April 1 through March 31 each year.

Food Service Establishments

Food service establishments would require the chef to have a Qualified Food Operator Certificate received from a State of Connecticut approved facility (see the CT Department of Public Health website for the list of approved testing facilities).

Body Care Facilities

Body care facilities require a current State of Connecticut Hairdresser/Cosmetician license for their employees who perform hair care and pedicures. Any other services offered at these facilities will be reviewed ; any other license requirements will be addressed.  The licensing period for these facilities is April 1 through March 31 each year.


Once a "Plan Review" is approved and any construction is completed to satisfaction, the Application for a License to operate is reviewed . Upon successful review the Health Department will issue a License to operate to the facility. 

No approval to begin operations will be given by the Health Department until approvals are given by all of the necessary departments in the Town of Greenwich (Building, Zoning, Tax, Police and Fire).