Additions When Property is on Septic

Determine the location of your septic system and well (if you are not on public water) on your property. If you do not have your homeowner's copy of the "as-built" plan and Permit to Discharge, you may obtain copies from the Division of Environmental Services; office hours are 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday - Friday.

  • Any addition (i.e. - pool, tennis court, gazebo, etc) on the property that would take up usable space that might be needed for a replacement septic system would require the homeowner to provide a 100% Replacement Area prior to the Health Department signing off on building plans.
  • A 1 bedroom addition to the home would also require a 100% Replacement Area. Two or more (2+) bedrooms would require actually physically adding to the existing septic system in addition to the 100% Replacement Area.
  • If a new structure that contains plumbing is to be built on the property it will require it's own septic system and a reserve. All other buildings with septic systems on the property would require a 100% Replacement Area.

Consultation before Making Changes

We strongly suggest that anyone considering the above changes to their home or property come into the Division of Environmental Services during office hours and consult with the Environmental Hygienist on Duty.