Pay a Ticket

Looking to pay a ticket or request a hearing (to contest your ticket)? See the information below.

NOTE: A convenience fee will be charged when payment is made using an automated payment method. 

       Please be sure to include your ticket(s).

  • Drop Box: Deliver your check or money order, made payable to Town of Greenwich, along with your ticket(s), to the drop box, located outside of Parking Services.
  • Request a hearing
  • Booted vehicles: Boot fee must be paid for in person and with cash by 3 p.m. at Parking Services. After 3 p.m. you must pay at Greenwich Police Department, 11 Bruce Place, Greenwich CT 06830.

NOTE: A credit card convenience fee will be added to your bill, when paying online and by phone, depending on the charges you owe. The date and time that you complete this transaction will be accepted by the Parking Services Department as your date and time of payment. There will be a $25 fee for any returned checks. The returned check replacement amount and the returned check fee must be paid in cash in person.