Parking Permits

Annual Parking Permits

Parking permits are issued on an annual basis and administered through the Department of Parking Services. The permits are only valid in the lots to which they are designated.


The online Parking Permit Renewal System is closed.

NOTICE: If you missed the deadline to pay for your 2021 parking permit, by the close of business day on 12/31/21, there is a one-time opportunity to reinstate the ability to renew your 2021 permit. This amendment was approved by the Board of Selectmen on May 27, 2021.

The reinstatement period is only in effect from January 1, 2022 – January 31, 2022. A late fee of $ 245.00 will be assessed above the full cost of the permit. ALL residency / employment proof (if applicable) must be submitted and ALL outstanding parking citations must be settled. 

Click here to obtain a 2021 Parking Permit Renewal Reinstatement Packet.

You may also contact the Department of Parking Services at or call 203-618-3060 for additional information. This accommodation will ONLY be processed in-person and not on-line.

Make Sure Your Information is updated

It is the responsibility of the permit holder, and parking permit waitlist applicant, to notify the Department, immediately, of any changes in your information to ensure that any correspondence or materials are sent to you properly, including changes to your home address, email address, phone number, license plate(s), and vehicle information. 

Remember, only two license plates are allowed per permit. Violations are issued to permit holders with invalid / unrecognized license plates. 

We may be reached at Thank you.

NEW Annual Parking Permits

If you are NOT a current permit holder and are interested in applying for an Annual Parking Permit, waitlists are in place for the various parking lots. You need to submit your name to a waitlist. You will be contacted via a letter when you become eligible to receive an annual Parking Permit application. 

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the permit holder to notify the Department, immediately, of any changes in your information to ensure that any correspondence or materials are sent to you properly, including changes to your home address, email address, phone number.

PERMIT WAITLIST - If you wish to add your name to, or check your status on a parking permit waitlist, for a specific lot, this can be conducted online. 

The list and associated eligibility requirements for each parking permit location is shown below  Please click here to be directed to the waitlist site. 

Permit Types and Locations

NOTE: All outstanding parking citations must be paid in order to be eligible for a parking permit. Parking permits will not be released to individuals with outstanding parking citations.

Merchant Parking -  requires proof

  • Byram Parking Lot, Mill Street and William Street - $ 25
  • Lafayette Place Parking Lot - $ 720
  • Sound View Parking Lot (Greenwich) - $ 720
  • Town Hall Garage - $ 456
  • West End Avenue Parking Lot (Old Greenwich) - $ 165

Resident Commuter Parking - requires proof

  • Greenwich Plaza, Level A - $ 720
  • Greenwich (Horseneck Lane) Parking Lot - $ 456
  • Greenwich (Island Beach) Parking Lot** - $ 456
  • Town Hall Garage - $ 456 (Home address must be located in the Central Greenwich Business District)

Resident / Non-Resident Commuter Parking - no proof is required

  • Cos Cob Railroad Station - $ 456
  • Old Greenwich Railroad Station - $ 456
  • Riverside Railroad Station - $ 456

Central Greenwich Parking Permits - requires proof

Central Greenwich Parking Permit holders are ONLY permitted to park in these designated lots.


 - Fees include CT State sales tax (effective 1/1/20)

- Overnight parking is prohibited

Departmental policy will not allow for any refunds, replacement or exchange of parking permits regardless of the circumstances. Any outstanding parking citations must be and paid in full before a permit will be issued, or renewed.

Note: Misuse and / or abuse of permit(s) that have been reported lost, stolen or transferred constitutes fraud and will be subject to prosecution, revocation of current permits(s),  and / or denial of future permit(s).

Weekend Parking

Free parking on weekends and holidays at all Metro-North owned railroad parking lots (excludes Greenwich Plaza, Horseneck Lane, Island Beach, and Sound View).

**Summer Parking (Island Beach Parking Lot)

During Island Beach Ferry season parking will be permitted in the designated permitted areas and available on a first-come, first-served basis for beach parking only. Beach Pass Parking is reserved for Town residents with a Park (Beach) Pass in the designated spaces. Park (Beach) Passes are issued through the Department of Parks and Recreation. Beach Pass Parking is reserved for Island Beach goers, anyone found using the pass for commuting purposes will be subject to ticketing and revocation of their Park (Beach) Pass.

Parking Lot Maps

View maps of parking lots in the Town of Greenwich.