Request a Parking Hearing

Parking Violations Hearing Request

To request a hearing, please use the online Parking Ticket form. You will receive a hearing date according to schedule availability, usually within 60 days. Hearings are scheduled in the order they are received. Parking appeal hearings will only be conducted by phone by a Parking Appeal Hearing Officer (PAHO).

If your ticket is found to be valid, you will agree to pay any and all fine(s) due to the Town of Greenwich within 15 days of the hearing decision or be subject to the doubling of such fines. After 30 days of this decision fine amounts triple. 

If your parking ticket is found to be issued in error, it will be voided. 

Please do not pay your ticket until you have your hearing. 

In addition, your failure to respond to the calls, made by the PAHO, for the hearing, shall be deemed to be validation of the notice by default.

NOTE: If your appeal is either reduced or denied at the Parking Violations Hearing, payment will be accepted only via check.


  • Fill in all of the requested information including your email address and best contact phone number so that we can contact you regarding your request.
  • Note that if you do not provide all of the requested information, the processing of your request may be delayed or incapable of being processed.
  • Remember that your completion and submission of this form serves as your Request for Hearing with regard to the underlying violation.
  • You will be sent a maximum of three (3) emails, to the email address you provided, notifying you of the date and time of the appeal hearing. You are requested to confirm, via email reply, of your availability to participate in the hearing. You are given one (1) opportunity to reschedule the appeal hearing. Be sure to check your email and spam folder as well.  
  • In order to be considered for an appeal hearing, the Department of Parking Services must receive your request within 15 days of the ticket issuance date to avoid default penalties.

We may be reached Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. 203-618-3060 or via email at