Energy Assistance Programs

These energy and housing assistance services are provided through three distinct programs and funded through federal, state and private donations:

  • Connecticut Energy Assistance Program: Provides assistance to Greenwich residents for their energy costs. Eligibility is based on income, family size, composition, and expenses. Payments are made directly to the utility or fuel company.
  • Operation Fuel Program: Privately funded, not-for-profit fuel bank providing financial assistance to eligible low-income families to assist with heat and non-heat utility costs. Funds are privately raised with “add a dollar” contributions. Payments are made directly to the fuel or utility company.
  • Renters Rebate Program: State funded program for Seniors 65 and over and/or adults deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration. Awards are based on a graduated income scale and amount of rent and utility payments made in the prior year.

Please click here for the Utility Assistance Winter Information Card

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