Labor Relations

The Town of Greenwich is subject to the State’s Municipal Employee Relations Act (MERA), which permits employees to organize for the purpose of bargaining collectively with the employer over terms and conditions of employment. Under MERA, the First Selectman is the Town official responsible for negotiating all collectively bargained agreements with employee organizations representing Town employees and non-certified staff at the Board of Education. The Collective Bargaining Specialist, represents the First Selectman serving as the town’s chief negotiator in collective bargaining. The Collective Bargaining Specialist is also responsible for representing the Town before the State’s labor board in prohibited labor practice proceedings.

Collective Bargaining Units

The Town of Greenwich employees are represented by one the following collective bargaining units:

  • Greenwich Municipal Employees Association, Inc. (GMEA) represents Town and Board of Education employees in clerical and administrative classifications. View the current GMEA labor agreement (PDF).
  • Local 456 International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) represents Town and Board of Education employees in blue collar, trades and foreman classifications and certain nursing classifications at the Town’s nursing home. View the current IBT labor agreement (PDF).
  • The United Public Services Employees Union, Unit 90 represents school health nurses in the Town’s public school system and public health nurses in the Town’s Health Department. View the current UPSEU labor agreement (PDF).
  • Laborer’s International Union of North America (LIUNA), Local 136, AFL-CIO represents Town and Board of Education employees in professional and supervisory classifications. View the current LIUNA labor agreement (PDF).
  • Local 1042 International Association of Firefighters (IAFF), AFL-CIO represents all uniformed professional firefighters and officers except for the Chief and Assistant Chief of the Department. View the current IAFF labor agreement (PDF).
  • Silver Shield Association, Inc. (SSA) represents police officers, technicians, sergeants and lieutenants. View the current SSA labor agreement (PDF).
  • Board of Education Collective Bargaining Agreements: