Architectural Review Committee

Regular Meetings

  • Meetings being held virtually via, as of March 2020
  • Town Hall
    101 Field Point Road
    Greenwich, CT 06830

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To be considered for placement on a meeting, all application materials need to be submitted by the deadline. Resubmission materials must also be submitted by the meeting deadline. Please submit your applications early as meeting the minimum required submission date does not necessarily guarantee a spot on the next agenda. Please call Planning and Zoning at 203-622-7894 or email the applications coordinator to schedule an appointment to submit your application.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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  • Richard Hein, Chairman
  • John Conte, Vice Chairman
  • Graziano Meniconi, Secretary
  • Katherine LoBalbo
  • Peter Boldt
  • Heidi Brake Smith
  • Rhonda Cohen
  • Louis Contadino
  • Leander Krueger
  • Paul Pugliese


The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) evaluates all design proposals by considering the following:

  • Landscape and Environment: To ensure the preservation of the natural landscape and/or the harmony of the created landscape appropriate to the site. For Screening and planting regulations, please see Division 17 of the Building Zone Regulations (PDF).
  • Relationship of Structures and Open Spaces: To ensure that the relationships of built up areas and open spaces have been designed so that they are harmonious to the existing structures, terrain and streetscape.
  • Protection of Neighbors: To protect neighboring owners and property users by making sure that reasonable provision has been made for such matters as sight and sound buffers, control of trespass lighting, the preservation of views, light and air, and those aspects of design not adequately covered by other regulations which may have substantial effects on neighboring land uses.
  • Streetscape and Predominant Architecture: To ensure that new designs are consistent and harmonious in relationship to existing streetscapes and the predominant architecture of the design area.
  • Relevant Standard: The ARC may also review relevant standards of Section 6-15 and, when applicable, Section 6-17 (PDF) of the Building Zone Regulations in making recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission.