Zoning Violations

Reporting Zoning Violations

You may report suspected zoning violations by telephone, fax, letter, or email. Please do not report such issues as trash in a neighbor's yard and unregistered or abandoned vehicles on a property. Those types of conditions are regulated by the Town's nuisance ordinance and administered by the Assistant to the Selectman.

When reporting a situation please be detailed and specific about the basic who, what, when, where, and how. The more information you provide about the exact address, type of activity, persons and/or vehicles involved, time of day the violation occurs, frequency of the activity, etc., the more probable our success will be in dealing with the violation. We frequently will have specific questions and need to follow up directly with you. Please provide your name and telephone number with the complaint. Photographs, which depict your complaint, are a very valuable investigation aide if you can make them available.