Zoning Enforcement

Applications can be submitted via email, mail or in person during public counter hours. 

Please click the appropriate form link below:

Zoning Permit Form, Zoning Amendment Form, Generator Form, Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals Form.

Zoning Enforcement Staff will be available Monday through Friday for walk in service from 8 AM to 1 PM.

Hours and services are subject to change.

General Information

This office is the enforcement arm of the Planning and Zoning Commission, and enforces the Town of Greenwich Building Zone Regulations (BZRs). We are located within the Division of Building Inspection for logistical purposes relating to building permits and historic building records.

The Zoning Enforcement Department has 7 members:

  • One (1) Part-Time Zoning Inspector
  • Three (3) Part-Time Administrative Staff Assistant II
  • Zoning Enforcement Officer
  • Two (2) Zoning Inspector / Nuisance Abatement Officer
Building in Construction

Zoning Permits

Every application for a  zoning permit and some licensed trade permits must be first reviewed for zoning compliance before the Division of Building Inspection will accept the application for their own review and issuance. The Zoning Enforcement Officer as well as the Building Official must sign all certificates of occupancy before becoming effective. This process is handled through a Zoning Permit and Zoning Certificate of Occupancy (CO) sign-off.

Building Zone Regulations

In addition to review of zoning permits, the Zoning Enforcement Office investigates violations of the Building Zone Regulations, which may include location of structures, illegal dwelling units, illegal uses of property, sign violations, site plan violations, and coastal flood hazard violations. The Zoning Enforcement Office attempts to work cooperatively with the person responsible for a zoning violation in order to achieve compliance with the Building Zone Regulations. If, after a series of notices, the violation has not been addressed, the matter is referred to the Connecticut State’s Attorney’s Office for criminal prosecution, additional civil litigation may also be initiated.

Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Enforcement Office also acts as the staff for the Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals. For that reason the Planning and Zoning Board Appeal applications are received at the Zoning Enforcement Office in the Division of Building Inspection. The staff prepares public hearing agendas, attends all Board hearings, and maintains the Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals records.

Additional information about the Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals, including a list of members and their annual schedule, can be found on the website here.