Risk Management

The Director of Risk Management for the Town analyzes exposures to potential losses, tracks trends, and implements programs, training and other strategies to mitigate and/or minimize any financial impact such exposures may cause as potential losses to the Town and Board of Education.  The programs include claims administration, safety training and awareness of employees, review of contracts and other agreements for proper and adequate insurance protection, procuring reasonable and adequate insurance coverage for the Town and Board of Education along with many others. 

The Director of Risk Management works under the Comptroller for the Town and reports to the Board of Estimate and Taxation Audit Committee on a monthly basis.

Filing A Claim

Claims should be filed in the Town Clerk’s Office (per Connecticut statute) and handled by the Town’s Law Department with the assistance of the Town’s Third Party Administrator. 

Workers' Health & Safety

Recognizing that its employees are its most valuable resource, the Town of Greenwich takes its responsibility for employee safety very seriously. Every reasonable effort is made to provide and maintain safe facilities, equipment, materials, procedures and methods. The Town has established Employee / Management Safety Committees in a number of Departments.