Internal Audit

The Town of Greenwich Internal Audit Department currently has an Outsourced Internal Audit Program. The outsourced auditors report administratively to the Comptroller, and functionally to the BET, usually through its Audit Committee. Internal Audit seeks to examine and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the Town’s governance and internal controls, and its alignment with the Town’s stated goals and objectives, in an independent and objective manner, free from political bias or interference.

The principal responsibilities of the Internal Audit Department are:

  • Conduct operational, financial and compliance audits
  • Ensure the adequacy of internal controls
  • Confirm the reliability of accounting and reporting systems and the adequacy of information contained therein
  • Assure compliance with established policies and procedures
  • Conduct performance audits to evaluate program effectiveness and efficiency
  • Report material findings with recommended corrective action
  • Evaluate proposed new procedures and, when needed, assist in their implementation
  • Perform follow-up tests and reviews to determine if recommended corrective actions were implemented and are operating as intended.

For further detail please refer to the Internal Audit Policy section of the Board of Estimate and Taxation Reference Book.

Internal Audit Reports