Annual Budget reports are required from all Town departments and officers or divisions under the supervision and control of the Board of Education, the Board of Health and the Board of Human Services. The Budget Committee of the Board of Estimate and Taxation reviews each submitted budget request and publishes the Recommended Budget.

Budget Documents

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Public Budget Meetings

On or before April 10 in each year the Board of Estimate and Taxation shall appoint the times when and places where it will hold public meetings in the Town for hearings, based upon the estimates furnished by the Budget Committee. The Budget Committee will give notice of such meetings by publishing meeting dates in a Town newspaper and by giving such other public notice as the Board shall deem advisable. After such public meetings and on or before May 5 next ensuing in each year, the Board shall make and file in the office of the Town Clerk a detailed Proposed Budget of the appropriations which it deems necessary for the expenses and conduct of the affairs of the Town for the ensuing fiscal year.

BET Budget Committee Meetings

The Board of Estimate and Taxation shall submit the proposed appropriations to a Representative Town Meeting to be held on or before May 15 in each year.