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2022 Outdoor Dining Process:


NOTE: Temporary Outdoor Dining is permitted this season pursuant to CT HB 5271, an act concerning the provision of outdoor food and beverage services and outdoor displays of goods.  Changes from last year include that all applications must meet CT State Building Code and all sidewalks and pathways meet physical accessibility guidelines under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, 42 USC 12101.

  1. Restaurants that want outdoor dining must submit this application to Planning and Zoning.
  2. If proposing use of Town Property for outdoor dining, please obtain and submit the Insurance Requirements Sheet from the Town Risk Manager (, signed by the owner(s) of the establishment and submit a current certificate of insurance compliant with the Insurance Requirement Sheet – LINK TO INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS.
  3. Determine the fee for the barriers if applicable ( through ) and the fee for the number of parking spaces you are taking up, if applicable ( – for your convenience you can submit one check made out to the Town of Greenwich as part of your application to Planning and Zoning.


  1. Questions about nodes, fees for nodes:
  2. Questions about fees for use of public parking spaces:
  3. Questions about insurance for outdoor dining on town property, contact the Town Risk Manager at: 
  4. Questions about Building Code compliance, ADA issues, tents, contact the Building Official: or
  5. Questions about fire code issues and special event permits for tents: Deputy Fire Marshall: or Building Official:
  6. Any questions about your Planning and Zoning application or general inquiries: or Town Planner

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Katie DeLuca, AICP

Director of Planning and Zoning

2019 Plan of Conservation and Development

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Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission is a regulatory body composed of five regular members and three alternates who are appointed by the Representative Town Meeting and nominated by the Board of Selectmen. To view meeting agendas, please go here.