Animal Control & Adoption

The Animal Control Division enforces local laws pertaining to the keeping of dogs, cats and other animals. In addition, it supervises animal adoptions when pets are not claimed by their owners.

Black Kitten


Each owner or keeper of a dog of the age of six months or over, except dogs kept under a kennel license, is required to have a dog license (PDF), renewed annually on or before June 30th at the Town Clerk's office.


Dogs and cats age three months and over must be vaccinated against rabies. A proof of vaccination certificate is issued by a licensed veterinarian.

Nuisance Animals

Dogs that create a nuisance to the public are subject to laws and fines. View a complete summary of dog laws (PDF).

Stray Animals

Residents may report a stray animal by calling Animal Control at 203-622-8299 between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Animals are brought to the animal compound where they are cared for while their owner is contacted. If the animal is not wearing identification, they will be held for a period of eight days and then put up for adoption.

Animal Adoption

When an animal's owner cannot be located, the animal is cared for and evaluated to determine if it is eligible for adoption. View a selection of animals that are available for adoption.