Domestic Violence Unit

Domestic Violence is the most prevalent violent crime within the Town of Greenwich, resulting in well over 20dvsilentnomore0 investigations annually and consisting of all manner of violence from Disorderly Conduct to Criminal Homicide. These cases involve all types of relationships from dating, and cohabitation, to marriage and family. These cases often have a traumatic effect on our most vulnerable population, children.

To ensure that this particularly devastating crime received the appropriate level of investigative effort, the Greenwich Police Department created a Domestic Violence Unit (DVU) in 2006. The DVU is supervised by a Detective Sergeant and consists of Patrol Officers and Detectives who have received enhanced training to conduct a sensitive Family Violence investigation.


The DVU conducts investigations, Protective/ Restraining Order enforcement, and coordinates with the Domestic Violence Prosecutors at the Stamford Superior Court, adult probation, and the Department of Children and Families. Some of the services provided are Domestic Violence Investigation, Lethality Assessment, Referrals to Domestic Abuse Services at the Greenwich YWCA as well as U and T Visa affidavits, and Crisis Intervention and provides training.


The goal of the Greenwich Police Department’s DVU is to provide victims with the necessary resources to empower them not only to survive but to move forward with their lives.

Additional Information

Connecting to Care CT

Finding someone to support your child’s mental health is just as important as finding a medical professional to help address physical well-being. The complexity of the children’s mental healthcare system and the process of navigating it can be frustrating to parents and guardians. Connecting to Care is committed to providing accurate and useful information about mental/behavioral healthcare for your child. While these lists may not be exhaustive of the services available in your area, they do provide the core services in each area. The link below will take you to the resource list for the Greenwich area.

Family Care Connections for the Southwest Region of Connecticut 

If you have questions or need information, please contact the DVU Supervisor at 203-622-3260.