Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates

Births, deaths, marriages and civil unions that have occurred in Greenwich are filed in the Town Clerk's office, Vital Statistics Division. You can order a certified copy of a birth, death, marriage or civil union certificate for $20 each (subject to change).

Photo Identification

You must attach a photocopy of a government-issued picture identification (ID) to your order to receive any certificate copy whether you order in person, by mail or online.

Payment Options

If you order in person or by mail, you can pay by cash or check. Checks* are to be made payable to Town of Greenwich. Mail orders must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope (Number 10 size). 

*Return check fee: $25

Birth Certificates

Birth Certificates may be issued on one of the following conditions:

  • By order of a court of competent jurisdiction
  • Upon written request of the person whose birth is recorded, if of age
  • Upon request of a state department or the Federal government, when approved by the State Department of Health
  • Upon written request of a parent or other lawful representative of such person (with proper identification)
  • Spouse
  • Children, if of legal age
  • Grandparents of minors

Request a birth certificate (PDF).

Death Certificates

Death certificates are filed by funeral homes for persons who have died in Greenwich. Submit a Death Certificate Request (PDF).

Marriage Certificates

Persons who were married in Greenwich may request a copy of their marriage certificate (PDF). Certified copies are available after certificates are filed.

Civil Union Certificates

Persons who had a civil union in Greenwich may request a copy of the civil union certificate (PDF). Certified copies are available after certificates are filed.