Mianus Pond Fishway Underwater Camera

An underwater camera was installed in the Mianus Pond Fishway during the spring of 2009 to improve the Town's monitoring efforts. The camera is located in the fishway so that migratory fish can be identified and enumerated before passing into the Mianus Pond or back out to the Long Island Sound. Recorded footage of the underwater camera can be viewed on the video on this page.

About the Camera

The camera is positioned so that the water is flowing from left to right (downstream); fish pass in both directions from right to left (upstream) or left to right (downstream). The camera is in use during peak migration periods; spring (river herring) and fall/early winter (American eels and sea-run brown trout), or as water flows dictate. The best opportunity for observing fish will be during the spring herring migration from late March through mid to late June. Support for the underwater camera was provided by:

  • Long Island Sound Futures Fund
  • Mianus River Watershed Council
  • Town of Greenwich
  • USGS Silvio O. Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center
  • Mianus Chapter of Trout Unlimited
  • Connecticut DEEP Inland Fisheries Division Diadromous Program
  • GCTV 79
  • Greenwich Adult Day Care
  • Mianus Pond Fishway Volunteer Monitors
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