Energy Conservation Committee

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Encouraging Energy Retrofits in Commercial Buildings

Believe it. Energy efficiency retrofits for commercial buildings make good economic sense for both big and small buildings. On February 22, 2019, fellow commercial building owners and managers were inspired by the profitable retrofit of the Empire State Building, motivated by practical local examples, and promoted in to action by real funding options. 

Keynote speaker, Tony Malkin, Chairman and CEO of Empire State Realty Trust, Inc.: Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment 
Bruce Becker of Becker + Becker, Inc.: Incorporating Energy Efficiencies at the Local Level 
Anthony Clark of CT Green Bank and Andrew Brydges of Eversource: Economically Compelling Energy Savings

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Clean Energy in Greenwich

In addition to the solar system installed at GHS as part of the Clean Energy Community program, the Town of Greenwich has completed a number of other clean energy projects at municipal buildings. As part of an ongoing commitment to clean energy the Town of Greenwich installed a large 95kW solar photovoltaic system on the roof of Glenville elementary school as well as part of a Clean Energy Block Grant. 

Solar Panels

Additionally, a geothermal heating and cooling system was installed at Hamilton elementary school which will reduce the cost and energy consumption of heating and cooling the school. The Town DPW has upgrading all lighting and has installed small solar panel systems where appropriate around town and the Parking division is exploring a pilot installation of a charging station for electric vehicles. Energy conservation and alternative energy solutions are becoming standard operating procedures for most departments and in the future will result in significant savings.

Ribbon Cutting

Clean Energy Community Program Information

The Clean Energy Communities program was developed by the CT Clean Energy Fund (now Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority or CEFIA) to encourage Towns to support the use of clean energy with a goal of improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To participate in the program communities must first make the municipal pledge to reduce municipal energy use by 20% and voluntarily purchase 20% of their energy from renewable sources. In 2008 the Town of Greenwich Board of Selectmen passed a Clean Energy Resolution to participate in the Clean Energy Community program.

The Clean Energy Community (CEC) Program extends to the entire community and is not limited to municipal facilities. CEC is an incentive based program where the community earns energy efficiency and renewable energy "points" when residents, businesses, and the Town take action to increase energy efficiency and participate in the variety of available clean energy programs. These points are redeemable with CEFIA for "Bright Idea Grants" and free photovoltaic solar systems for community buildings. The Conservation Commission has coordinated the CEC program in Greenwich; in January 2010 Greenwich had earned sufficient points and received a free 7.7 kilowatt (kW) photo voltaic solar system which was installed on the science building of Greenwich High School.

Clean Energy Programs Available to Residents & Businesses

In July 2013 the Town of Greenwich renewed its commitment to the Clean Energy Communities program making it eligible for more Bright Idea Grants and free solar systems as incentive for participating in new and ongoing clean energy programs. The Conservation Commission is working to engage residential home owners to participate in the Solarize Greenwich program as well as commercial property owners for the C-PACE program. The more homeowners and businesses that participate in these programs the more the entire community will benefit!