Residential & Business Trash

Greenwich residents and local businesses are required to have a valid Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility entrance permit in order to use the facility. The Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility entrance permit allows residents and local businesses to use the facility for the entire 2022-2023 fiscal year (July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023). 

For additional information and to purchase the Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility entrance permit, CLICK HERE. 

Please note: Roll-off or hook-type vehicles, carrying any size dumpsters, cannot use this facility. Using such vehicles is only permitted if you are a licensed refuse hauler in Greenwich using such vehicles as a "satellite" vehicle to haul refuse and recycling.

Commercial Vehicles

Nonpassenger vehicles (trucks, pick-up trucks, vans, and vehicles with trailers, etc.) will be weighed. Please fill out the tare weight vehicle registration form (PDF). Bring the vehicle you are registering and all proof documents, then drive ON the scale. 

Reduce Your Waste

Food scraps are one of the largest components of our waste stream in Connecticut, making up more than 22% of municipal solid waste, according to CT DEEP. Did you know that we offer food scrap recycling? 

We encourage residents and businesses to reduce their trash usage. To learn more about how to reduce your waste -- including recycling food scraps --  please visit our dedicated recycling page, HERE.

Residents and businesses in Town can bring trash and recyclables to the Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility(PDF) (transfer station). You will need a Holly Hill Permit to enter the facility. Entry permits can be purchased online for an annual fee of $25. The permit season is effective from July 1st to June 30th each year. 

Commercial vehicles need an additional permit that is obtained at no charge at the Holly Hill scale house by showing proof of residency and car ownership. Click Here for the application.

Trash Collection

Residents and business owners are responsible for separating the waste generated-not the refuse collector. The Town encourages residents and businesses to communicate directly with their collectors concerning special arrangements or clarification of services provided for the removal of refuse and recyclables. 

Licensed Waste Haulers are allowed to remove trash and discarded materials (including recyclables) between the hours of 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. Both residences and businesses must comply with requirements regarding the separation and proper storage of discarded materials.

View a list of Licensed Waste Haulers (PDF) and their phone numbers.

Where Does the Trash Go?

The trash is taken to a local waste-to-energy facility. The trash is incinerated at a high temperature and converted to electricity. The remaining materials go to the ash landfill. 


View the Fee Schedule (PDF).