Residential & Business Trash

Trash/garbage shall mean every accumulation of animal, vegetable or other matter that attends the preparation, consumption, decay, dealing in or storage of meats, fish, fowl, birds, fruit, vegetables, beverages or other edibles, including the non-recyclable containers or wrappers disposed of along with such materials.

Residents and businesses in Town can bring trash and and recyclables to the Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility(PDF) (transfer station). You will need a Holly Hill Permit to enter the facility. Entry permits can be purchased online for a annual fee of $25. The permit season is effective July 1st to June 30th each year. 

Commercial vehicles need an additional permit that is obtained at no charge at the Holly Hill scale house by showing proof of residency and car ownership. Click Here for application.

Trash Collection

Residents and business owners are responsible for separating the waste generated-not the refuse collector. The Town encourages residents and businesses to communicate directly with their collector concerning special arrangements or clarification of services provided for removal of refuse and recyclables. In the event that further assistance is required please contact the Waste Disposal Division.

Licensed Waste Haulers are allowed to remove trash and discarded materials (including recyclables) between the hours of 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. Both residences and businesses must comply with requirements regarding separation and proper storage of discarded materials.

View a list of Licensed Waste Haulers (PDF) and their phone numbers.

Trash Disposal

After all the Recyclables (PDF) have been removed, the rest is taken to a local waste-to-energy facility. The trash is incinerated at high temperature and converted to electricity. The remaining materials go to the ash landfill. All of Connecticut's MSW (trash) is incinerated for 1% of Connecticut's total energy needs.


View the Fee Schedule (PDF).