Highway Permit

The Highway Division of the Department of Public Works issues a permit for all work to be performed in the Town right-of-way including, but not limited to: 

  • Drain Connection
  • Driveway Installation
  • Shoulder Opening
  • Sidewalk Opening
  • Street Opening
  • Use of Right-of-Way

The Highway Permit application (PDF) can also be obtained at Town Hall, Department of Public Works Highway Division.

New Requirements

  • 6 sets, Hard Copies of Plans and Details
  • 1 Hard Copy of Drainage Summary Report
  • 1 DVD containing Site Plans and Details, Drainage Summary Report

Procedural Requirements & the Responsibilities of the Permittee


Safe passage and protection must be afforded pedestrian traffic in accordance with ADA requirements. Vehicular traffic control and safety procedures shall be provided. Traffic control must be approved and coordinated with the Greenwich Police and Traffic Engineer. All safety products shall conform with the standards described in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices or as required by the Highway Superintendent, Police and/or Fire Departments.


The Applicant shall indemnify and reimburse the Town for all costs and expenses incurred by the Town in bringing the excavation site into compliance with the provisions of the permit, including but not limited to the cost of refilling, repaving and resurfacing.

Liability & Permission

The Applicant agrees that he will hold harmless the Town of Greenwich, its officials, agents and employees from any and all claims, suits, liability and actions including any and all damage to person or property, in consequence or resulting from his acts, negligence, omissions or performance of work in connection with the permit.

A Highway Permit gives permission to excavate only half of the road at one time.


Fire and Police Departments must be notified prior to excavation.

Permit Acquirement

Permits may be required from other Town Agencies such as the Building Division, Inland Wetlands and Water Courses Agency, Police/Fire Departments, Planning and Zoning, etc. It is the applicant's responsibility to acquire the necessary permits prior to commencement of work. The Tree Warden must be notified of any excavations in the vicinity of Town trees.


Before backfilling, the Permittee shall notify the Highway Superintendent. Trenches shall be backfilled with approved bank run gravel compacted in 6-inch layers. Native materials may be used for backfilling only upon approval of the Highway Superintendent. The top layer shall be backfilled with gravel, trap rock, or trap rock and stone dust mixed to a depth of 1-foot, this to be determined by the Highway Superintendent and/or in compliance with Standard Construction Details of the Town of Greenwich.

Temporary  & Permanent Repair

Immediately upon completion of backfilling, the trench will be paved with a minimum of 2-inch thick temporary asphaltic pavement and shall be maintained by the Permittee for a period of 90 days or until pavement is permanently repaired, whichever is longer; however, permanent pavement shall be restored with 120 days or at the discretion of the Highway Superintendent as prescribed in the Town of Greenwich manuals of Standard Construction Detail and shall be maintained for an additional 2-year period. All joints shall be surface sealed. The DPW - Highway Division must be notified for pre-inspection, 48-hours prior to pouring of any concrete.

Pavement Markings

In-kind replacement of any pavement marking tape disturbed, damaged or removed shall be the responsibility of the applicant to the satisfaction of the Traffic Engineer.

Utility Company Permits

  • No deviations from approved drawings will be permitted without approval of the Highway Superintendent.
  • Asphalt to be removed to road edge and permanently patched, unless otherwise directed by the Highway Superintendent.
  • A Public Utility Company shall, at its own expense, move its installation located in the public right-of-way should same be requested by the Town for public use.

Concrete Sidewalk & Concrete Curb

Entire panel/section between keyed joints must be replaced, unless otherwise directed by the Highway Superintendent.


  • All driveways are to be constructed in accordance with Standard Construction Detail Number 18 - Driveway Entrance.
  • Driveways are to be constructed in such a manner as not to obstruct gutter line.
  • Walls, piers, gates, etc. cannot be constructed on the Town right-of-way.

Use of Right-of-Way

  • Prior to any construction or installation of scaffolding, the Building Division must be notified for approval and inspection.
  • Pedestrian walkway and safety must be provided at all times. No use of right-of-way shall be made until the site has been reviewed and approved by the Highway Superintendent. It shall be his judgment as to how much, if any, right-of-way may be used and the type of protection to public safety must be provided. If barricades are used in the roadway, sufficient lighting and signs must be provided for pedestrians and motorists.

Winter Concrete

  • December 1st through March 15th : No concrete will be poured without the approval of the Highway Division.

Emergency Permits

Permits issued in an emergency situation are subject to review, comments and recommendations, which may follow.

Owner Installed Curbing & Driveway

The Town of Greenwich will not be responsible for any damage done to owner installed curbing and driveway pavement within the Town right-of-way. Nor will the Town be responsible for adjustments due to changes of road elevation. All curbing perpendicular to the edge of the road pavement must have a minimum setback of 2-feet from the edge of the traveled portion of the road. All driveways must be constructed with a minimum 5-foot bituminous concrete apron.

Permit Application Instructions

Fill out the following application on screen by clicking and typing in each field. Print out and sign the application (PDF). The application can either be brought to the Highway Division Office or mailed to the following address:

Department of Public Works - Highway Division
101 Field Point Road
Greenwich, CT 06836-2540

Applications are not accepted by fax or email.