Due to the current COVID-19 Town Hall access is by appointment only, permit applications are being accepted via email. Please click here for a description of the temporary process.

The Wastewater Division Manager, under direction of the Commissioner of Public Works, has charge of the construction, maintenance and repair of all sewers and sewerage systems, including the Grass Island Waste Water Treatment Plant and 28 pumping stations. Sewer Permits are issued from this office.

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Private Inflow Removal Program

Important Information for Septage Haulers

The Department of Public Works (DPW) Sewer Division is in the process of revising its septic receiving policies and procedures for Septage Hauling and dumping at the Grass Island WWTP. See correspondence regarding the new Septic receiving procedure (PDF). This letter has been sent to the Hauler’s on file. As part of the new policy, Hauler’s must submit the Septage Hauling Vehicle Information Record Form (PDF). Haulers should fill in the form and submit it to the Sewer Division as soon as possible.

Sewer Connection Contractors

Town Owned Grinder Pumps Information