Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection is to be provided to all properties on PUBLIC STREETS ONLY in building zones

R-20 (half-acre) and below. The Leaf Collection Program is conducted for a 6 to 8 week period from

Mid-November to Mid-December, and may be adjusted, at the discretion of the Town, in the event

of adverse weather conditions. Weather permitting, the Town will provide two (2) collections per

numeric section during the Leaf Collection Program. When a section has received its second

collection, all material placed thereafter is in violation of State of Connecticut, General Statutes,

Chapter 368m, Sec. 19a-335, Nuisances on Highways and it will be incumbent upon the residents to

remove all residual leaf piles. On average, the Town removes in excess of 30,000 cubic yards of leaves

each year.

The Leaf Collection Program for 2017 has ended. Thank you for your cooperation.