Highway / Roadway Maintenance

Highway Permit Information:

For any work that is performed on the Town right-of-way, a highway permit is required. For more information, CLICK HERE

Town Right of Way

Do you know where your property line is? Many property owners believe their property begins where their lawn meets the road, but the Town's right-of-way extends a distance beyond the edge of the pavement. In most cases, property line issues come to light when a property owner tries to erect a fence, stone wall, or basketball hoop on what they believe is their property. Physical obstructions in the Town's right-of-way (with the exception of utility poles, Town signs, mailboxes, etc.) are prohibited.

Report a Problem with a Traffic Sign or Signal

  • During business hours, please contact the Highway Division at 203-622-7766. 
  • After business hours, please contact the Greenwich Police Department at 203-622-8000.

Division Overview:

The Highway Division is responsible for the construction, maintenance, and repair of approximately 265 miles of public road and approximately 90 miles of sidewalk. This division also maintains storm drain infrastructure in the Town right-of-way and Town easements, including over 10,000 structures. Other essential duties include issuing permits for any work that is performed in the Town right-of-way, street cleaning, snow and ice removal from the public roadways, public sidewalks, parking lots, and Board of Education facilities, leaf pickup, litter removal, dead animal removal, and the installation and maintenance of traffic signals, over 11,000 traffic, and parking signs, and pavement markings.

Highway Truck