Highway / Roadway Maintenance

The Highway Division is responsible for:

  • Construction, maintenance and repair of all approximately 265 miles of public highway. Includes services to Parks and Recreation and Board of Education for parking lot paving.
  • Repair and replacement of approximately 145 miles of sidewalks.
  • Maintenance of storm drain infrastructure in the Town right-of-way and Town easements, including approximately 10,000 structures.
  • Street cleaning.
  • Snow and ice removal from the public roadways, numerous public sidewalks, parking lots, Board of Education facilities, with assistance from Parks and Recreation staff.
  • Leaf pickup in downtown neighborhoods zoned R-20 and below.
  • Sign installation and repair, including traffic control signs.
  • Pavement markings.
  • Traffic signal maintenance.
  • Street lighting supervision.
  • Litter removal, dead animal removal and other related services.
Highway Truck

Reporting a Problem With a Traffic Sign or Signal

  • During business hours, please contact the Highway Division at 203-622-7766. 

After business hours:

  • Traffic sign problems: Please leave a message for the Highway Division at 203-622-7766.
  • Traffic signal problems: Please contact the Greenwich Police Department at 203-622-8000.