Traffic Signs, Signals & Regulations

Obtaining Information

You can obtain information on new traffic signs and pavement markings, and traffic signal options for your neighborhood by contacting the Highway Division at 203-622-7766.  When installing these devices, the Department of Public Works follows Federal guidelines contained in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Reporting a Problem With a Traffic Sign or Signal

  • During business hours, please contact the Highway Division at 203-622-7766. 

After business hours:

  • Traffic sign problems: Please leave a message for the Highway Division at 203-622-7766.
  • Traffic signal problems: Please contact the Greenwich Police Department at 203-622-8000.

Requesting Installation

Requests can be made for a traffic light, traffic sign such as a speed limit or stop sign and traffic lines such as a crosswalk to be installed in your area. A written request must be made to the Department of Public Works either via mail or email. It must include your name, address, daytime phone number and a detailed description of the concern. All letters should be addressed to:

Department of Public Works
101 Field Point Road
Greenwich, CT 06830

Speed Limits

The Office of the State Traffic Administration (OSTA) sets regulatory speed limits on state and local roads based on an engineering investigation by the Engineering Division. Principal factors considered are:

  • 85th Percentile Speed
  • Accident History
  • Engineering Judgment
  • Existing Traffic Control Devices (Signs, Signals, etc.)
  • Location and Type of Access Points (Intersections, Entrances, etc.)
  • Road Type and Surface (Curve, Hill, etc.)
  • Sight Distances
  • Test Drive Results
  • Traffic Volume

Speed Observations

Speed observations are an important part of the traffic investigation. When choosing a speed, drivers take many roadway environment factors into consideration. Therefore, the speed that the majority of people consider prudent is an important value. Data is collected by performing radar checks at selected locations on the roadway under ideal driving conditions. A technical analysis is done on the results to determine the 85th percentile speed. This is the value indicating the speed at which or below most (85%) drivers are traveling. Experience has shown that a posted speed limit near this value is the safe and reasonable speed. However, there are exceptions (high accident frequency, volumes, etc.).

Engineering judgment is a very important tool. The traffic investigator must use knowledge of nationally accepted principles combined with experience to assign the safe speed.

Through Truck Prohibition (No Thru Trucks)

A through truck is one that passes through a town without having an origin or destination in that town. If a truck originates or has a scheduled stop within that town, it would not be affected by a through truck prohibition.

Traffic Calming

The Town of Greenwich Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program is currently on hold. 

Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) Roadways

  • I-95, the Merritt Parkway and Route 1 (aka Putnam Avenue, Post Road) are State owned Roadways.
  • All questions regarding projects on these roads should be directed to the CTDOT.