Delavan Avenue, Veterans Way & Chestnut Street Improvements

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Project Update

The project is moving along on schedule. The last pieces of the hardscape (curbs, driveways, sidewalks, etc.) were completed on August 24, the Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) were installed on August 31, and the road was paved on September 12. In the next phase of work, new decorative crosswalks and roadway markings will be installed. 

Construction Information

Full-scale construction for the Delavan Avenue, Veterans Way, and Chestnut Street Improvements Project began on August 3, 2023. The majority of construction is anticipated to be completed in three months (November 2023).  It is likely that there will be alternating one-way traffic within the construction zone during construction hours, which will take place 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Police and flaggers will be on-site to direct traffic. Public transportation should not be impacted by construction. 

Project Background

The Town of Greenwich Department of Public Works (DPW) initiated this project as a request from the community to address traffic and pedestrian safety concerns in the neighborhood.

Delavan Avenue is a critical connection between Port Chester, NY, to I-95 at Exit 2 in Connecticut, which is classified as a minor arterial roadway and services approximately 10,279 vehicles per day. Chestnut Street is classified as a local roadway and services approximately 656 vehicles per day. Veterans Way is also classified as a local road and services approximately 1,534 vehicles per day. Bus stops for both public schools and CT transit buses are located at this intersection. Currently, there are three crosswalks at this intersection – one perpendicular to Chestnut Street, one perpendicular to Veterans Way, and one crossing Delavan Avenue from the southwest corner to the northeast corner.    


Project Features

The project’s focal points are installing curb extensions to shorten the pedestrian crossing distance and adding a fourth crosswalk at the intersection. The project ensures that no parking stalls will be lost. The stalls in front of Burger, Shakes & Fries will be restriped to fit with the new bulb-out design. 

Pedestrian safety 

Redesign the intersection to add a fourth crosswalk. Reduce the pedestrian crossing distance by up to 51% and pedestrian crossing time by approximately six seconds. New lights will be installed to help illuminate the crosswalks and pedestrians. To improve pedestrian visibility, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) will be installed for the crosswalks located on Delavan Avenue. 


Install an ADA-compliant ramp adjacent to the handicapped parking stall on Veterans Way and install eight new ADA-compliant ramps at the crosswalk entrances. 


Add more than 700 square feet of green space. Red brick decorative crosswalks will also be installed at the intersection. 

Public Involvement

The Department of Public Works (DPW) held several meetings with the community – which included Greenwich residents, the Byram Neighborhood Association, and property owners near the project – and received Municipal Improvement (MI) approval from the Town’s Planning and Zoning Commission. 

These meetings included:

  • 4/21/23 – Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting #2
  • 3/27/23 – Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting #1
  • 2/23/23 – Board of Selectman Meeting #2
  • 2/9/23 – Board of Selectman Meeting #1
  • 7/8/21 – Byram Neighborhood Presentation to the Board of Selectman


Ian Brown – Town of Greenwich Department of Public Works Civil Engineer and Project Manager