Delavan Avenue, Veterans Way & Chestnut Street Improvements

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Project Background 

This proposed project seeks to make safety improvements at Delavan Avenue, Veterans Way (formerly New Lebanon Avenue), and Chestnut Street intersection, which is heavily traveled by cars, buses, large trucks, and pedestrians. Bus stops for both public schools and city buses are located at this intersection. 

Delavan Avenue is a critical connection between Port Chester, NY, to I-95 at Exit 2 in Connecticut, which is classified as a minor arterial roadway and services approximately 10,279 vehicles per day. Chestnut Street is classified as a local roadway and services approximately 656 vehicles per day. Veterans Way is also classified as a local road and services approximately 1,534 vehicles per day. Bus stops for both public schools and city buses are located at this intersection. Currently, there are three crosswalks at this intersection – one perpendicular to Chestnut Street, one perpendicular to Veterans Way, and one crossing Delavan Avenue from the southwest corner to the northeast corner. 

Proposed Improvements

Crossing Distance 

This project proposes to install four crosswalks at the intersection. The bulb-out intersection design provides shortened crossing distances for pedestrians. The crossing distance will be reduced by up to 51% and the crossing time will be shortened by up to 6.3 seconds. Additionally, shortening the crosswalks brings pedestrians closer to the travel lane while waiting for an opportunity to cross. This makes waiting for pedestrians more visible to drivers and improves the visual connection between driver and pedestrian.


New lights will be attached to Eversource utility poles at two locations near the intersection to help illuminate the new areas of the crosswalk and make pedestrians more visible to drivers as they approach the intersection.

Green Space 

This project offers the opportunity for planting and green space along Delavan Avenue. Approximately 780 square feet of green space will be added as part of this plan. The Town of Greenwich Parks Department will be assisting in identifying plants that will be attractive, low maintenance, and low enough as to not obstruct sightlines for vehicles approaching the intersection.


The intersection currently offers on-street parking on Delavan Avenue, Veterans Way, and Chestnut Street, and the project ensures that no parking stalls will be lost. The stalls in front of Burger, Shakes & Fries will be restriped to fit with the new bulb-out design. An ADA ramp will be added adjacent to the handicapped stall on Veterans Way. 

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) will be installed for the crosswalks located on Delavan Avenue. These are pedestrian-actuated visibility enhancements used in conjunction with crosswalk signage that flashes with high frequency when activated. 


Ian Brown, Civil Engineer 

DPW – Engineering Division


Phone: 203-622-7860